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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nisan Indonesia New Car Price 80 Million By 2012

 Can not be denieda car with a price range of USD 150 million is the most sold in IndonesiaEspecially if the price under $ 100millionWella gap that is about to be used Nissan.
YesPT Nissan Motor Indonesia confirmed their interest to developlow-cost car market is efficient and environmentally friendlyEven the Japanese manufacturer is going to make a car with a targetprice of USD 80 millions!
"We are serious about developing low-cost cars and eco-car, yesthe price target should be the range of Rp 80 millionaccording tothe will of government," said Teddy IrawanVice President andNational Sales & Marketing NMI.
LaterNissan Motor Indonesia will memngambil bassist car fromThailand, to be developed in Indonesiain order to fulfill the needsand tastes of consumers in Indonesia.
"Therefore, we will open a research and design center in Indonesia, may start in April next year developing this car can be done," saidTeddy.
Currently, Nissan, too, were keen to approach thegovernment-getolnya Indoneia to demand clarity of regulation for a cheap car that is environmentally friendly.
But for the type and price, Teddy still does not go to vote"Just the design and featuresas a whole should be feasible for sale!," He promised.

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